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Rule: «to guideline over; govern; to take control»

Distribute: «to yield oneself towards the power or authority associated with another»

These definitions surely describes our relationship, yet Submission in my opinion is really much more complicated and intricate.

Submitting is a form associated with sexual orientation
The view outside the window that one's sexual orientation entails hetero/bisexual/or homosexual is totally unimportant to me, with regard to my sexuality can be entirely defined and based on our subservience to my Proprietor.

Submission is not sex
Sex in its most basic form will be the act of being penetrated (submitting) or going through (dominating) bodily one more. Sex following this very thin definition, is not purely necessary for me to submit. Over anything else, the Owner's exercise associated with authority over The girl property is why me personally who i am. This is not to say that sex and sexuality are usually unimportant to the relationship, but rather how the absolute energy Mistress Lacey keeps over me, Her full control over my figure, plus Her choices and decisions in regards to who, just how, so when i am used plus abused is exactly what excites plus stimulates us both.

What i crave is perfect for my Owner to derive absolute pleasure by using me being a device, for concerning me being an object, for seeing and presenting me personally as Her real estate: a servant She has the particular undisputed directly to very own, enjoy, and dispose of as The lady sees match.

The term «making love» does not have any put in place our relationship. «making love» recommend some equality or balance in between Dominant and servant. i do not claim nor desire to be Her equal. i love and serve The girl unconditionally. The lady grants me no power, no authority, but rather She choses to give me respect. She allows me to get pride, allows me a insufficient shame, as well as a lack of anxiety, and thereby grants us a freedom to see my entire life unconventionally.

The most fervent desire is for Her to find pleasure in my finish submission and un-revokable consent. All of us «play» because this is the expression used in BDSM, yet i do not really consider my submission to Her to become merely a sport. That is way too casual and innocent a word for what we talk about. We have been committed to a day to day play which by definition is consequently permanent and constant, but we are both rational enough to comprehend that because people with vanilla lifestyles additionally, there are actual limitations to the intensity and permanence of the lifestyle that we have chosen.

It is perhaps challenging for «normal» individuals to understand and certain very easy for these to reject the idea which i have captive myself to a Owner; just as it is hard for a few to believe that discomfort can be enjoyable or that offering as a servant is immensely delivering, but these would be the undeniable truths for me.

i actually do not choose to be obedient, compliant, acquiescent, subservient, docile, meek, dutiful, tractable anymore than i select to be androgino. we are however extremely lucky to get found a Mistress able to engage plus partake in the sexual orientation and willing to take Ownership from it.

The things i desire is for the larger world to know, recognize, and ideally tolerate, if not acknowledge, which i am Mistress Lacey's property or home and that this particular devotion and submission at Her feet is mistress cams what defines my life a lot more than any category!

Respectfully submitted

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