There are many different herbs that can treat many different ailments.
This is even true with loss of hair. There are many different herbs and natural remedies that can help treat many different type loss of hair. These are great alternatives for people who do not want to take harsh chemicals for whatever the reason, but want to get the same benefit.

drugsSaw palmetto and drugs hair loss have shown to go together very well.
Saw palmetto is an herb that treats loss of hair caused by androgenic alopecia, which is the same thing as male pattern baldness. It helps to inhibit the DHT from attacking the hair follicles, which is what causes the hair loss. In this way it works pretty much the same as the prescription drugs Propecia and Avodart.

It is important to note though, that there is no conclusive evidence on the effects of saw palmetto on women with hair loss. Women who decide to use saw palmetto and are taking certain hormone changing drugs, like hormone replacement or certain birth control pills should consult with their doctor so that they can be under supervision with this herb as it can react with these medications causing adverse reactions.

If you are a person who prefers to take herbs, there are many other herbs for you to choose from. Apple cider vinegar and sage tea are good for putting on your scalp and rinsing your hair with to help your hair grow. Licorice extract has even been shown to be helpful with preventing hair loss.

A study was done on men suffering with hair loss, giving them psoralea seeds to treat their hair loss in conjunction with getting plenty of sunlight every day. Within six months, drugs over half of the men had seen a difference in their hairline. Over thirty percent had even regained all the hair that they had lost.

There are many other great herbs to treat hair loss including chamomile, parsley, arnica, marigold and even catmint. Each of these herbs treats a different aspect of hair loss. This is why it is so crucial to understand the cause of your loss of hair.

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