Bootice boot sector maintenance tool

Bootice boot sector maintenance tool is a very useful disk maintenance tool, we often see redo system can see this tool, Xiaobian here to everyone to provide the latest version of bootice, bootice is to help everyone partition disk, repair, Backup, with disk sector editing, disk filling, partition management and more. Need to download experience!

★ BOOTICE can install the following types of MBR for your disk:

1.Wee. The mini-g4d developed by the master does not support a certain function while reducing the size, and can be completely embedded in the MBR (63 sectors);

2. Grub for DOS. This is a powerful and flexible boot manager with multiple boot modes that can boot multiple operating systems. Please refer to the Space Time Forum.

3. USB-HDD+. This is a built-in UltraISO bootable program that is mainly compatible with HDD flash drives;

4. USB-ZIP+. This is also a built-in UltraISO bootable program for USB-ZIP.

5.Plop Boot Manager. This is a cool startup manager that supports booting from hard disk/floppy/disc/USB even if your BIOS doesn't support it.

6. Windows NT MBR. The main function of the MBR program provided by Windows XP and Windows Vista installation is to find and start the activated primary partition;

★ BOOTICE can install the following types of PBR to the boot sector of a partition:

1 MS-DOS boot program for starting MS-DOS system or Win9X system;

2 Grub for DOS, the powerful Grub for DOS also supports installation on partition boot sectors;

3 NTLDR boot program for booting Win2000/XP/2003 or corresponding PE;

4 BOOTMGR boot program for booting Win Vista/7/2008 or corresponding PE;

5 SYSLINUX boot program, another powerful boot program, please refer to the SYSLINUX official website.

★ BOOTICE also provides repartitioning and formatting functions for removable disks:

1. The USB flash drive can be repartitioned and can be partitioned in three modes: USB-FDD, USB-ZIP and USB-HDD;

2. The newly partitioned partition can be formatted and the file system is optional.

Boot sector maintenance tool Bootice green portable Chinese version


BOOTICE [DEVICE] [/mbr | /pbr | /partitions] [parameters]



/DEVICE=[m:n | X:]


m:n \u0026gt;\u0026gt; Specifies partition n on disk m (m starts at 0 and n starts at 1).

X: \u0026gt;\u0026gt; Specify the disk number and partition number by the drive letter.

[MBR operation]


BOOTICE [DEVICE] /mbr [/install /backup /restore] [parameters]


/install \u0026gt;\u0026gt; Install some kind of MBR code to disk, need /type= parameter.

/type=[wee, grub4dos, usbhdd+, usbzip+, plop, nt52, nt60]

If /type= is not specified, the program will stop at the MBR interface and wait for user operation.

/backup \u0026gt;\u0026gt; Backup MBR to disk file, need /file= parameter.

/ \u0026gt;\u0026gt; File name, full path name or relative path name.

/sectors=n \u0026gt;\u0026gt; specifies the number of sectors to back up.

/restore \u0026gt;\u0026gt; Restoring MBR from a file requires the /file= parameter.

/boot_file=sss \u0026gt;\u0026gt; Specifies the startup file for Grub4Dos.

[PBR operation]


BOOTICE [DEVICE] /pbr [/install /backup /restore] [parameters]


/install \u0026gt;\u0026gt; Install some kind of PBR program to the partition boot sector, need /type= parameter.

/type=[msdos, grub4dos, ntldr, bootmgr, syslinux]

If /type= is not specified, the program will stop at the PBR interface and wait for user operation.

In case you beloved this short article and also you would want to obtain details regarding usb key backup software kindly check out the web site. /backup \u0026gt;\u0026gt; Backup PBR to disk file, need /file= parameter.

/ \u0026gt;\u0026gt; File name, full path name or relative path name.

/sectors=n \u0026gt;\u0026gt; specifies the number of sectors to back up.

/restore \u0026gt;\u0026gt; Restore PBR from file, need /file= parameter.

/boot_file=sss \u0026gt;\u0026gt; Specifies the startup file for Grub4Dos, NTLDR, BOOTMGR.

[Partitioning and Formatting]


BOOTICE [DEVICE] /partitions [operation]



/backup_dpt=xxx \u0026gt;\u0026gt; Back up the current disk partition table to file xxx

/restore_dpt=xxx \u0026gt;\u0026gt; Restores the partition table of the current disk from file xxx

/hide \u0026gt;\u0026gt; Hide the specified partition

/unhide \u0026gt;\u0026gt; Displays the specified partition

/eisahide \u0026gt;\u0026gt; Hide specified partitions as EISA

/activate \u0026gt;\u0026gt; Activate the specified partition

/format_usb \u0026gt;\u0026gt; Formatting USB removable media

[/booting-standard] [/vollabel=xxx] [/fstype=sss]

[/booting-standard] \u0026gt;\u0026gt; [/usb-fdd, /usb-zip, /usb-hdd]

[/vollabel=xxx] \u0026gt;\u0026gt; Specifies the volume label, up to 11 characters.

[/fstype=sss] \u0026gt;\u0026gt; /fstype=[fat16, fat32, ntfs, exfat]

【silent installation】


If you use the /auto parameter, BOOTICE will automatically install without popup confirmation dialog

(unless you encounter an error)

Exception: This parameter is not useful for formatting operations, which need to be performed manually during formatting.

[Special parameters for GRUB4DOS]


Given the widespread use of Grub4Dos, all parameters of the Grub4Dos installation are implemented:

/mbr-bpb: Copy BPB to MBR of the first FAT primary partition

/mbr-disable-floppy: Do not search for grldr from a floppy drive

/mbr-disable-osbr: Do not start the original MBR with invalid partition table

/duce: prohibit unconditional access to the console

/chs-no-tune: Prohibit changing disk set parameters

/boot-prevmbr-first: prioritizes the original MBR

/preferred-drive=m: priority disk number

/preferred-partition=n: priority partition number (LINUX style)

/hot-key=3920: Specifies the hotkey as four hexadecimal characters

The first two characters are scan codes, and the last two characters are ASCII codes.

/time-out=d: timeout, second

/boot_file=sss: This parameter implements GRLDR rename function

1. Fix some bugs in the previous version, such as: Traditional garbled characters, when the MBR is restored, the 'Reserved Partition Table', 'Change Partition ID' is not selected by default, BCD classic editing mode menu function is misplaced, and U+V2 partition size is handled. Mistakes, etc.

2. The disk list is sorted by disk number;

3. At the request of the users, several functions similar to RMPARTUSB.EXE are provided. Disk information is output with the /diskinfo parameter. For details, see 'Command Line Parameters' page.

V1.3.2 update log (2014-10-10)

1. Fix the sector editing function of 'Access denied' error (UnderWin7 + writing may fail because the 'important department' will be subject to the operating system's file system);

2. Fix the partition table DPT file when correcting the 'access denied' error;

3, EBR logical partition (also known as 'partition WinHex gap') added to the partition list menu;

4. Added 'testsigning' parameter to support BCD editing function;

5. Added support for 'bootmenupolicy', which is used to enable or disable the Windows 8+ Metro Boot Manager (blue screen);

6. Fixed an error that resulted in a failed PBR writing. There are errors in V1.1.4 and V1.1.5;

7, using SIMSUN as the default font, Song PMingLiu non-ASCII character GRUB4DOS menu editor generation mode;

8. Fixed an error that caused GRUB4DOS MBR 0.4.6a to not properly save hotkey names;

9, display the name of the hotkey in the GRUB4DOS MBR screen, rather than the previous scan code;

10. According to feedback, delete the registry to write BOOTICE.

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