In order to allow more novice sellers active Taobao platform, Taobao has relaxed a lot of requirements, and in some policy measures to give novice sellers have certain rights. However, even so, because novice sellers lack Taobao experience or shop marketing skills, will often make mistakes, the light may lead to lower power shield, serious, then there may be a closed shop. Therefore, for Taobao novice often made mistakes, how to avoid? Very important.

spun content checker(A) do not sell virtual products or low-priced products make money

Said the shop does not have credit to earn money, recharge software can quickly earn credit and so on. Indeed, calls, QB and other goods to earn credit quickly, but these are virtual credit, will lead to your shop main category for the 'game / calls.' If you sell the kind, but because the main category for the 'game / calls', this will appear category and the main goods do not match, Taobao will think you 'hungry dog ​​meat', the baby will be the default drop Right. As for low-priced products, such as some 1-2 yuan template, socks and the like, it is easy to be Taobao know is 'false trading' 'speculation credit' deal, novice should pay attention! \u0026 Nbsp;

(B) new store opening, concerned about the station traffic as the primary task

Many novice manager in a shop, do not learn to optimize the school, to blindly go to the QQ group forums and other places everywhere posting to buy online advertising, etc., this without investigation, the planned delivery platform is often no target customers, Or itself is the brush flow, almost no conversion of the flow, because the flow itself is not high quality, conversion rate is too low, this time Taobao will think your baby composite index is poor, so the baby's search rank will be poor, and difficult to recover The This traffic continues more, the baby composite index is worse, Taobao search rankings lower, and finally lead to lower overall store index, then your shop is basically no hope Taobao search.

(3) Taobao flow to strive for

Taobao's search rules will often change, although sometimes only fine-tuning some of duplicate content checker tool the weight, but for many sellers, the impact is great. Such as Taobao cancel the default 'popular ranking', which has been a sensation! Then Taobao launched the 'personalized search', but also caused the seller a stir!

Similarly, through train is the same, through the car is Taobao promotion ROI worst way, although quick, but the train can only bring traffic, store conversion rate how, or depends on how to do internal work. So in the future, novice sellers in addition to their own shop to do their own optimization, the SNS from the media and CRM marketing synchronization construction, is also a trend!

(D) spend time on decoration

Shop visual marketing to create, is the business people have been the focus of work, but for the novice, the key to visual marketing, should be placed on the pre-warm or explosive section of the 'baby details page (main map description)' and 'shop Move 'design, as for other parts, can be in the process of selling goods, and constantly optimize. Therefore, instead of spending too much time on the decoration, it is better to optimize the details of the page.

(5) to avoid SKU cheating

Use the property or package to set the ultra-low or non-standard unreal price, so that the price of goods sorted forward. In the baby inside the specifications, adding some very cheap accessories with sales, the use of price range, to seize the price ranking. These sellers are best avoided.

(6) to avoid being checked baby

This is intended to accumulate sales or popularity, modify the original product title, price, pictures, details, etc. into another product to continue to sell the behavior, Taobao will think that it is a serious speculation sales behavior. Therefore, the seller in the baby when you should pay attention, if you really want to change the baby, then try not to change the category and attributes, baby description of the code, do not change significantly.

(7) repeat the distribution or repeat shop

Strictly speaking, exactly the same and the important attributes of the goods are identical to the same goods, only allowed to use a way to sell, published once, in violation of the above rules, you can determine the repeat release, and in the search results to show or not show; For different goods, must be in the title of goods, description, pictures, etc. reflect the different goods, or will be judged as repeated distribution. The seller through the same time operating a number of shops with the same goods, to repeat the purpose of distribution, Taobao search this shop for the repeated distribution shop shop. This behavior seriously disrupts the seller's normal order and destroys the buyer's shopping experience. Therefore, businesses are not on the same computer, open the same two items, like the same shop.

(8) Do not post advertising goods

Commodity description is unknown, no actual goods, only to provide the publisher contact information and non-commodity information (except residential), Taobao search to determine the advertising goods. Such as investment information, advertising display, mood story and so on.

Summary Taobao novice often make mistakes, there is an error does not matter, the key is to know how to correct, to avoid the next repeat. More Taobao experience knowledge, please continue to pay attention to open Amoy network (

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