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When these fishing fleets travel so close to the North Pole during the coldest months of the year, it is the deckhands that have the most to fear. They work long and hard to scrape and beat huge chunks of ice off of every inch of the fishing boats. At times, it is so cold that their exposed beards begin to grow icicles. Working in such harsh conditions makes this the Discovery's series about most dangerous job that many wouldn't dare to chance. Besides the frigid temperatures, the ice makes for perilous working conditions because of the instability of the deck.

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Inspired by the powerful race cars, Tag Heuer watches_Tag Heuer Microtimer cs111c.ft600_ Tag Heuer Monaco 24 has built the initial chronograph Monaco dial with its emblematic square sustained by Tag Heuer waterproof system.
40 years later, he paid tribute to 24 hours of Le Mansagain publishing the current Monaco 24 Concept Chronograph.

Near the northern pole, the crab fishing grounds are a troubling place for these courageous fishermen to set their gear. This is especially true in the extremes of the extended winter months when fishing is at its best. During the Ice Age, a bridge of ice, known as the Bering Strait, stretched between the two continents. During the winters now, a large ice sheet extends south nearly connecting the two continents once more. The crab favor these waters and the captains of the fishing fleets follow, but this leads to some troublesome conditions for the crews of these fleets. It is often that the crab pots set this far north are lost forever in the ice.

Although a great deal of people are aware of all of the dangers associated with crab fishing on the Bering Sea. There are still quite a few who venture to the last frontier in search of crab fishing TV show from Discovery because of the potential income that can be earned. Many find themselves beaten the very first day on the job, and it is rare that a greenhorn becomes a respected deckhand. There are only a select few on this planet who have what it takes to be a crab fisherman and maintain a steady job on the same ship every season.

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High seas are another element that makes these Discovery Channel's TV series so extremely perilous. Really, it is the combination of all of these factors that yield a worst case scenario for fishing. It is certainly not the sunny and relaxing fishing trip that people have in mind when you mention the word fishing. Crab fishing is dangerous because of the conditions that are presented by the Bering Sea. The tired deckhands have to fight to stay standing and not slip and fall on the frozen deck when big waves are beating against the ship from every angle. It is also certainly not a job for those who easily get seasick.

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