Our twin girls turned 9 years old this year. The only birthday present that they as for was a kayak. Our girls love going out on our boat and in our canoe. We wanted to get a kayak that would not put us in the poorhouse. We also didn’t want to by a low quality kayak either. We wanted to get a kayak that would not be too big for them but would allow for them to «grow» into it as well. So after some shopping around, we decided on this Sun Dolphin Aruba SS Sit-in Kayak (Ocean, 8-Feet). It’s a high density polyethylene kayak. We chose this kayak for several reasons. It has a lot of nice features for the price point. We picked these up for $150 each on sale. They are also available at Amazon and many other outlets.

One of the things that we liked about it was that it has a padded seat back which makes it much more comfortable for the girls. They have never complained about being uncomfortable. The seat is adjustable as well, so you can adjust it for a larger person if needed. The manufacturer says that this kayak has a 260lb load capacity.

Another feature that we like is the water-tight storage compartment. It has an o-ring and it is truly water tight. There also is storage with bungie straps on the back. We haven’t used this feature yet but I am sure that we will.

Another thing that we like about this kayak is the carry handles. With this kayak only weighing in at 27 lbs, the girls have had no problem carrying the boat around. They have been able to take them off the rack and to the water with no problems.

There is also a drain plug on both ends so you can wash the kayak out and it will drain if you stand it on either end.

All and all, we have been very impressed with this kayak for the money that we spent on it. The girls are loving them. They are lightweight, stable and track pretty good. I think that there will be many memories made in these kayaks for years to come.

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