GS RichCopy 360 And Other File Replication Software Options

We don't often notice the importance of the file copy utility available on Microsoft Windows operating systems. Every time you copy, transfer or move files, you are often using up more time than you could be. It all adds up and when you factor in the wealth of features that you could be having, file copy is an essential consideration if you want the best solution.When you migrate, transfer or replicate data, there is a lot going on. Your data that you move, also called source data can have issues when you copy open files for example. The information you get from Windows own file copy utility does not often transfer the data and so you lose out on that data.Doing a large copy job can result in files not being copied over and this can result in needing to spend a lot more time to find out what was copied and what was not.There are better solutions to improve on the file copy process, such as Rsync for Windows, CWRsync, robocopy, richcopy, and the popular GuruSquad series of software including GS Copy Pro, GS RichCopy 360, and GS RichCopy 360 Enterprise for enterprise use.These file copy software allow you to extend the features you can find in the built in file copy utility on Windows.From better reporting, copy open files, migrate, replicate and mirror data according to your rules all become possible.Speed is another factor, for example, in the GS 360 Enterprise software, you get use of more threads. If you have a multi core processor that also has multiple threads, the GS Copy Pro RichCopy 360 Enterprise file copy software suite provides a faster time in being able to copy files, move files and transfer files.Transferring over the network and through the Internet is also another benefit to dedicated file copy utilities.If you working in a work environment, you likely have a situation where you regularly need files and folders synced. For example, if you work in a department and all files and folders worked on to be synchronized onto a server all become possible.Basic features that we all need, such as long file names or open files are all things where Microsoft Windows often can not cope with and running at one item at a time is a waste.GS RichCopy 360 from GuruSquad also provides this feature so that file copy jobs are running very fast. If you have multiple cores and threads, then file replication, file mirroring and file migration would happen much faster.Having a feature to save copy jobs can make backups much easier.When we use the built in file copy utility on the operating system, we often don't think of the amount of extra features we could be making use of in the home or in the office.These software options will enable you to get the best features for file and folder copy, migration and mirroring jobs.

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