5 online tools to create infographic

Using online tools to create infographic was never easier. 5 tools libraries contain images, charts, fonts and different templates, help you create a simple infographic.
The infographic professional designers often rely on a software program to create graphic design infographic. The advantage of the graphics software program that's all symbols, diagrams, photographs, illustrations, and visual data are treated as separate objects can easily be moved, replaced resize, or rotate overlap placed horizontally, vertically.

Using online tools to create infographic was never easier. In recent years, a number of online tools has emerged that allows you to create beautiful visual content. These tools are vector graphics application runs in your internet browser, can substitute for a professional application, such as Adobe Illustrator expensive. 5 tools libraries contain images, charts, fonts and different patterns. Of course, none of these tools has full features of an infographic created professional applications, but they can be useful for you to create a simple infographic.

1. Visme (visme.co)

Visme allows you to create interactive presentations, infographic and other exciting content. With tons of samples, and huge library containing the symbol shape and free to choose, Visme help you create the image content immediately.

Visme infographic templates in design and beautifully simple. If you want, you can edit text, insert your own design, and publishing infographic.

One of the biggest benefits of this service is to change the percentage in the diagram. All you have to do is click on the icon you want to change, enter a new number, and the graph will automatically change to reflect the new information in accordance with the entry.


Create infographic, presentation, animation, advertisement banners, and custom layout.

Insert and edit charts directly by changing data values.

Library icons and rich images.

Embedding YouTube videos directly into the design.


The free version is limited.

Infographic contains both Visme logo.

Limited access to charts and tools infographic.

Still a few bugs.

2) Canva (canva.com)

Canva recently held a 1 year anniversary last month. Canva have a lot of options, whether you're doing infographic for a project at work, or for individuals, or social media, you can choose your own infographic form. With the sample size is available, you can focus on creating beautiful designs in just a few seconds.


There is a brief trailer, easy to understand before you start doing infographic.

Full infographic format template for the kind of social media, blogs, presentations, posters, business cards, invitations…

Easy and intuitive.

Rich image gallery options.


Can not edit the chart. You need to enter the data as images.

Pay for different photos accounts, instead of paying fees in the form of monthly subscription.

3) Easel.ly (www.easel.ly)

Easel.ly is a great program, but do not have the manual, and lacks some features. Easel.ly focused primarily on design infographic, while other programs offer a lot more choice infographic for different purposes. So, if you just need an infographic design, this program will be very good.



Basic design layout, easier to understand.

New chart features allows editing some charts in your design.

Easy Download JPG and PDF versions.


Not much choice of topic.

Image Gallery quite meager.

4) Piktochart (piktochart.com)

Piktochart is one of the best programs in the list of the 5 tools created this infographic. All the information you need will be provided in the introduction to the use. The program is easy to use, offers tons of options for building and editing infographic, using simple graphical tools. Piktochart classified icons, change the frame size, design control diagram, and interactive maps to use.

Intuitive user interface is the outstanding features of Piktochart. All the tools you need to create has been arranged in a smart way, help you make «designer» a lot easier.

One of the most interesting points of this program is to have a preview of the infographic flexibility for different purposes. Whether you're creating an infographic for classroom, office, website or set of social media infographic — Piktochart topped efficient usage.


Themes and designs of good quality.

Intuitive, allowing you to edit anything and everything is easy.

Create infographics, reports, banners and presentations.

Embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo in your design.


The infographic free samples only limited choices. If you want to use high quality samples you must set up a premium account (Pro account).

Fee of 29 USD / month is considered relatively high subscription rates.

5) Infogr.am (infogr.am)

Infogr.am have the best chart. To illustrate the data, there are over 30 different chart types to choose from, from the bubbles to the tree diagram.

Edit data very easily done in the spreadsheet's built Infogr.am, or you can import XLS files, and CSV XLXS. When your infographic was edited and designed, you can save to your computer as PNG or PDF files.


Ability to create and edit charts very well by changing data

Built spreadsheets, can import XLS file, and CSV XLXS

Charts available are very diverse.

Embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo in your design.


Just create and chart infographic.

Infographic template library quite small.

There is no image gallery, you have to upload the image.

Take charge.

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